Root Canal Therapy

Many people are apprehensive when they are informed they require root canal therapy because it has a reputation for being a painful procedure.

However, this is no longer the case with advanced anesthetics and gentle techniques. Root canal therapy will relieve pain and save your teeth for retaining good gum and bone support.

Your tooth consists of the crown (the visible part) and the root (underneath the gum). Inside the root is the pulp chamber which is the area that can become sore and inflamed before requiring root canal therapy.

It is an acute inflammation of the pulp that is the cause of pain. This may be the result of deep decay, a fracture that has allowed bacteria to seep in to the pulp chamber, or an injury due to trauma.

We gently remove the infected or inflamed pulp using specially designed instruments with clinical precision. Once the pulp is removed, your root chamber is cleaned and reshaped. We use a specialised rotary system to make your treatment more complete with a higher success rate than conventional techniques and a temporary filling will be placed.

When a tooth has undergone root canal therapy it is recommended a permanent porcelain crown to be placed over your treated tooth.